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  • 12 Jan 2023/ GameDev

    Game Engine Series: A Basic Logger

    In this part of the Voxel Game Series we’re going to talk about logging. Logging is a vital part of any software project, and the same is true for a game engine. Logging allows you to quickly check the state of your systems, trace variables and more. A quick history of logging Logging exists as long as programming does. It just means to print some programmer-defined strings whenever a certain event happens: void foo() { std::cout << "Doing foo()"; try { bar();…

  • 11 Jan 2023/ GameDev

    How to write a game engine from scratch

    In this article series we’re going to write a small game engine for a voxel minecraft-esque game. We’re going to use Vulkan, Khronos’s successor to the cross-platform OpenGL APIs. These articles are meant to primarily target Microsoft Windows, I will point out platform-specific code, so that people on Linux should be able to follow along as well.

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