Implementing Interval Splitting for Advent of Code

I originally didn’t want to write another blog post about Advent of Code, especially not consecutive ones. However, the solution to the second part of the fifth day was so interesting that I couldn’t resist. The puzzle is about mapping…


How my algorithm accidentally became O(n!)

Advent of Code is a yearly event where you solve a series of programming puzzles. The puzzles are released daily and you can solve them in any language you like. I like to do them (until I give up after a few days), and this year is no… · More


Game Engine Series: First steps with Vulkan

As we’ve discussed in the previous article, our game engine is going to use the modern Vulkan graphics API. In this part of the Voxel Game Series, we’re going to initialize the Vulkan Subsystem. · More


Game Engine Series: Rendering Overview

One of the first tasks in our game engine will be to actually draw something on the screen. We call this process rendering. In this initial article we’re going to take a look at the high-level architecture we’re going to build. In the next… · More

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12 Jan 2023/ GameDev

Game Engine Series: A Basic Logger

In this part of the Voxel Game Series we’re going to talk about logging. Logging is a vital part of any software project, and the same is true for a game engine. Logging allows you to quickly check the state of your systems, trace variables…

11 Jan 2023/ GameDev

How to write a game engine from scratch

In this article series we’re going to write a small game engine for a voxel minecraft-esque game. We’re going to use Vulkan, Khronos’s successor to the cross-platform OpenGL APIs. These articles are meant to primarily target Microsoft…

23 Sep 2022/ Cloud

Quick Tip: RBAC for individual APIs in APIM

Azure API Management is a service that allows you to managed your APIs centrally in one place, manage products and subscriptions to your APIs, apply policies to requests, and integrate many different Azure Services like AKS, Azure Functions…

14 Jun 2022/ C++

Doing syscalls by hand

In this blog post we’re going to take a stab at implementing syscalls by hand. There really is no advantage doing this, it’s just fun to learn the intrinsics of Linux; we’re going to discuss user- and kernel space and finally get our hands…

20 Mar 2022/ IT

Quick Tip: Declutter your student office installation

Students get Office 365 for free under certain circumstances. When installing, there is no way to choose which apps to install. In this blog post I’m going to show you how to use the Office Deployment tool to only install the needed apps. F…

11 Mar 2022/ Misc

Make the most of your YubiKey: 2FA, PIV and PGP!

As someone who sometimes accidentally deals with computer science-y stuff you probably already own a YubiKey. In this blog post I want to show you how you can make the most use of it: Starting with 2FA and making excessive use of the PGP…

03 Oct 2021/ C++

Using enum classes as bitmasks

This is just a quick tip on making enum classes a little bit cooler in C++. Consider the following code: enum class MyBitField: uint16_t { e…